Harness the power of a future-forward AI tool

With accelerated bandwidth and superior computational power, the IBM POWER9 server offers a revolutionary architecture for developing artificial intelligence (AI). Little wonder that industry leaders are deploying POWER9 in their data centers, as announced by Google at the OpenPOWER Summit 2018. What does this mean for you? CRVI recently acquired this super server so you don’t have to!

A scalable server built for business

The POWER9 is a major technological leap forward offering a host of advantages and major gains in artificial intelligence and business intelligence. Its processing speed and accuracy are jaw-droppingly superior to its predecessors—in the range of 40% to 60%. Lightning speeds mean you can watch your company’s operations in real time and on demand. This memory boost allows you to continue running your legacy applications and workloads while leveraging all the new functionalities. The POWER9 can also get your cloud infrastructure ramped up more quickly by connecting multiple departments or businesses on a single server.

Optimized for deep learning

With a wide range of features and capabilities, the POWER9 platform is especially well-suited for deep learning projects. The tool is designed to handle data-intensive and demanding AI calculations, so it can analyze and filter more information, faster. The POWER9 server has more bandwidth and can execute a dizzying number of operations—perfect for deep learning applications.

POWER9 within reach

CRVI recently added this next-generation server to its arsenal of advanced equipment. It’s configured with a 16-core 2.7 GHz dual processor and four Tesla V100 32 GB GPUs and can be used with open source deep learning tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch.

CRVI’s investment gives SMEs a unique opportunity to harness the power of a superior IT solution. One deciding factor behind the purchase was the ability to integrate technologies like the Slurm job scheduler and workload manager, Docker OS virtualization tool, and NVLink, which can transfer data at a rate of 25 GB/s. Another clear advantage with this powerful server is that the client databases it processes and stores are completely protected.

CRVI will not only make this server available to SMEs but, given the growing number and popularity of tools on the market, will make it available for professional development.

Contact us today to find out how you can harness the capabilities of this powerful processor for your robotics, digital vision, and manufacturing projects. We look forward to helping you develop your artificial intelligence strategy and boost your productivity, all at a very affordable price!