CRVI is a strategic partner for companies looking to develop their products or manufacturing processes. We offer impartial advice and support on making the right technological choices and how to implement them.

Moreover, as a recognized SR&ED supplier, CRVI is eligible for various grant programs.

CRVI helps make businesses more competitive through collaborative research and technology transfer.

CRVI offers businesses

Access to its
technological resources

Leading-edge expertise

Laboratories for industrial projects

An extensive range of equipment (industrial robots, cameras, and computer tools)

Access to its
network of partners




CRVI is your partner in innovation. What’s more, we can help you find the right financing programs.

Québec’s Programme d’aide à la recherche et au transfert (PART) is a research and technology transfer assistance program created in 1987 to develop the human and technological resources of college technology transfer centers (CCTT) and thereby stimulate technological innovation in Québec. It allows companies to carry out innovative projects in collaboration with one or two CCTTs.

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This National Research Council of Canada program (NRC IRAP) is a great innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada (fewer than 499 employees). CRVI can put you in contact with its network of technology advisors.

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Québec’s Ministère de l’Économie et Innovation (MEI) assists businesses—SMEs in particular—in implementing their innovation projects.

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The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada offers various levels of financing through its grant programs.

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Companies that enter into a contract with an accredited research center such as CRVI are eligible to receive a provincial tax credit in addition to a federal one. This type of tax credit covers all eligible SR&ED expenses, not just salaries.

RSRIs are sector-based industrial research groups created to support a collaborative innovation ecosystem conducive to the development of strategic economic sectors for the benefit of research centers, businesses, and Quebec society. RSRISs represent leading economic sectors in Quebec and are ideally positioned to spur growth in the province. The government of Quebec has nine (9) RSRIs that act as intermediaries to help finance collaborative research and development.

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As a college technology transfer center, CRVI is recognized by the government of Quebec for tax credits of up to 32% for technology adaptation services and up to 40% for training.

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