Past Projects

In recent years, CRVI has gained a wide range of cross-cutting expertise in a variety of industrial sectors. This list details a few of the projects we’ve worked on that have received grants and are in the public domain.

Given the confidential nature of the projects we do, this is only a partial list. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss your challenge and see how CRVI can help.

2016–2017: Vision system for visual inspection of printed labels

2013: Embedded vision system for automated counting of aquatic specimens

2011: Mobile robot for location and treatment of weeds

2010: 3D vision and robotics system for precise and flexible positioning of a milking robot

2015–2016: Optical system for the operation of a circular greenhouse

2017–2018: Optical plant growth measurement system

2009: 3D vision system for classifying carcasses in slaughterhouses

2008: Development and demonstration of an automated system for monitoring the feeding behavior of rats in satiety studies

2011: Vision system for detecting ice on wind turbine blades

2011: Vision system for smart environmental control of a stall

2009: Smart video surveillance system: Automatic line-of-sight detection and smart management of visual data

2010–2016: Development of a smart video surveillance system and video analytics system for securing people and sensitive areas

2014–2015: Development of a smart video surveillance system and video analytics system for securing people and sensitive areas

2016–2017: Development of an ROS interface with Vortex Studio

2016–2017: Vision system for calculating billiard player statistics

2015–2016: 3D scanning and reconstruction system for automated measurement of the human body

2012: Real-time adaptive 3D vision system for orthotic and prosthetic modeling

2011–2012: Image segmentation for 3D modeling of prostheses

2015–2016: Vision system for detecting contamination in surgical instruments

2016–2017: Embedded vision and control system for a robot designed to help people with reduced mobility

2016–2017: Optical inspection systems for loading industrial washing machine bins for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

2016–2017: Algorithms for reconstructing roofs based on aerial images

2009: Automated vision-based defect inspection system for the printing industry

2014–2015: Vision system study for dimensional inspection of aerospace composite fibers

2011: Development of a non-destructive inspection technique for geometrically complex aeronautical composite parts

2012: Geometric calibration and determination of robot kinetics through artificial vision

2009: Feasibility study on automating preparation and inspection of aeronautical parts using vision and robotics systems

2009: Development of a fast and accurate method for automated encapsulation of turbine blades

2017–2018: Vision system for detecting gradations in species

2014–2015: Vision system for detecting contaminants in ores

2015–2016: Smart laser marking system for aluminum ingots

2016–2017: Optical measurement of electrode sliding speed in a steel furnace

2016–2017: Thickness control and robotization of drilling phase using industrial vision

2010–2011: Synchronized jigless multi-robot welding system with vision system

2010–2011: Robot welding controlled by 3D vision system with flexible, smart cameras

2008: Automation of offline programming of a welding robot with trajectories guided by artificial vision

2011: Smart, adaptive system for coordinated multi-robot control

2010: Smart visual servoing system for robotic handling of industrial objects

2009: Real-time 3D vision system using GPGPU and intensive parallel computing