4 reasons to work with artificial intelligence experts

Looking to boost productivity and stay competitive in your industry? In the era of new technology, artificial intelligence is a must if you want to stay in the race, much less pull ahead. Obviously, technology development doesn’t happen all at once. And it’s not just a matter of finding a company that can supply the equipment. There are specific steps to follow and resources that are critical to a successful 4.0 transition. Finding a competent partner that specializes in AI for robotics and vision applications is a wise investment that offers a number of important advantages.

1. Improve efficiency, cut costs, and get results

Which of your processes lend themselves to automation and in what context? What critical data should you be gathering? Where should you start? What financial resources are available? What tools do you need to get started? These are all questions that experts who develop automated AI processes analyze day in and day out. When it comes to implementing your innovation strategy, working with an expert will save you time and ensure you go through the proper steps to guarantee project success. CRVI’s action plan is time-tested, making us a key strategic ally as you go through the process. Our team is adept at anticipating and prioritizing problems and can point you toward the right resources depending on the funds available within our network. We empower businesses by offering targeted training and on‑site support, so they learn to manage their systems on their own.

2. Access to state-of-the-art equipment

Innovative technology tools tend to have a high price tag and require major investments. It’s not always realistic for SMEs to keep up with the Joneses. Fortunately you have access to CRVI’s pool of highly advanced equipment. This allows you to leverage the power of these resources for your own experimentation and technological development, all at competitive rates. CRVI’s high-tech equipment arsenal includes the Fanuc CR35, the most powerful collaborative robot on the market, and IBM’s POWER9 server, offering blazing-fast processing power for deep learning algorithm development. It also includes hyperspectral cameras, which can target wavelengths of interest—a rapidly growing technology. And we don’t just provide the equipment; we also have advanced project management tools to fit your project.

3. Access to an extensive partner network

When you work with CRVI, you tap into a whole network of experts in their field. We believe in leveraging our collective strengths, which is why we belong to multiple interest groups and regularly work with industry-leading partners. Our goal is simple: to help our clients create value through innovation. CRVI opens the door to invaluable insight and support from a comprehensive network of financial, research, and business partners.

4. Advanced facilities

CRVI facilities are specifically designed and equipped for training our clients’ technical resources and supporting their technology development efforts. With a focus on continuous applied research and experimental development, we have the latest, most advanced knowledge in artificial intelligence, robotics, vision, and robot welding—knowledge we transfer to clients like you.

Please contact us for more information on CRVI’s services. We are the preferred partner of SMEs looking for profitability and productivity gains through technological innovation. For more information on the types of projects we specialize in, please see our project list.