CRVI is proud to welcome Samuel Gidel to the team as our new Senior Computer Vision Expert, joining Centre de robotique, de vision et IA in its mission to make businesses more competitive by harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence in robotics and vision.

From France to Quebec

Samuel graduated in 2006 with a degree in electrical engineering from Clermont-Ferrand Polytech in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, around 400 kilometres southeast of Paris, then in 2010 got his doctorate in computer vision just across town at Blaise Pascal University in 2010.

In September that same year he relocated to Quebec to join LeddarTech, a company whose proprietary Leddar sensing technology is based on time-of-flight measurement. During his time there, Samuel contributed to every step of the Leddar product development process, from the preliminary design, software architecture, optical design, and algorithm development phases to real-time implementation of constrained onboard systems.

He joined the CRVI team on August 10 this year.

As CRVI business development manager Louis St-Pierre says, “Samuel’s knowledge of so many fields, his ability to analyze and put everything together, and his sense of team spirit are not only in line with our vision, but reflect the very values we stand for.”

About CRVI

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